So my problem is I want more of a presence on the world wide web. I’d like to grow my audience here and on my youtube channel as well. I think people can benefit from my story. I dont think God brought me through all he’s brought me through to keep all this to myself. I think I’m supposed to use this gift I have to reach people. I love writing. It comes easy to me. I think I’m good at it and I’m always improving but its hard to be motivated to post every single day. I see people on youtube posting videos everyday. I see people here posting every day. My question is how do you do it?lol My goal is to find my beautiful life partner, take care of my two beautiful boys and support them all by working from home. Writing books, blogs, producing music and creating enough income where the only time I leave my house is to hang out with whomever that significant other may be, and taking my kids out to do fun stuff. Is this a rant? Kinda feels that

Anyway, what in the hell motivates people everyday to sit there and create income from what they create. EVERYDAY.LOL I guess the other option is to punch somebody elses clock. Anyway, I said all that to say this………. Please subscribe to my youtube page. Torrey Jones. Also, If you need some good reading material go to Amazon and order my book. My Road To Damascus: A journey through spirituality and mental health that leads to liberation and personal development. Its on Kindle now and by the end of the weekend or sooner, Ill have everything set up to get paperbacks out to folks who need that physical copy in there hands. Its actually a good read. I can’t believe I wrote it. Its almost like I was reading someone elses story. I think thats a good thing. Anyway, show me some love on YouTube and for those who may be coming across this on word press, follow me here. Its all much appreciated. Peace and love folks

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