I’m an all-around Hip-Hop Artist. I’m a professional. I may not have sold a lot of music but I’ve created something that someone has valued enough to exchange money for. Whether it’s being an Author or MC or Hip-hop music producer. My work was exchanged for money and I supplied people what I told them they would receive.

I need help though. Not with writing and producing but with the mixing and mastering. $1,000,000 would help to hire the right engineers to properly get my music to radio quality. I’m 49. I’ve always wanted to be a lone wolf and be in control of my creations.

Although I still feel that as an artist, I deserve to be in control of what I create, I do understand that no one makes a million dollars without help. It took me all this time to realize that. Whomever you are, a publishing company, entertainment agency, record company, I need finances to give me the proper time I need to create and most importantly, do that in an environment other than my apartment complex where I can create efficiently. Furthermore, these two songs or any other songs I create don’t have to be performed by me. I write hooks, lyrics and create songs that can be used by other artist as well. Even these two here can be supplied to a different artist under the right circumstances.

If I have to mix a song, audiobook, a drop for a TV commercial, or do vocals at 2 or 3 in the morning, I need the freedom to do that without having to worry about being too noisy for neighbors all around me. Plus I need a safer place for my kids and I.

I got the talent and drive. Within 3 years I can create enough content to not only pay everyone back who invested but have more than enough so my children can never have to punch a clock. I’m trying to create generational wealth and I can’t do that working these jobs that I’ve grown out of. It’s not a pride thing. I’m a content creator. I’m a MC. I move the crowd. I just need help behind so I could eat just like every other great artist.

You clearly see that I’m gifted and talented. I just need the opportunity.


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