This is an awesome read.

My book is a powerful collection of thoughts and feelings. A guy who recently read it said “dang dude, you have a crazy life”! Then he started mentioning things in my book to me. I felt so honored he actually read it.

A lot of folks have blessed me with a purchase because their proud of the fact that someone who they know personally wrote a book.

Now, when people ask me what I do for a living. I proudly say IM A AUTHOR.

Usually when I promote my book, I put a link in a post and direct them to Amazon so they can order it. I get a decent cut because they distribute my book. But I deserve more.

The lessons I’ve learned over the years, the heartbreaks that produces the countless amounts of tears, my accomplishments, and triumphs I’ve experienced have way more of a value.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly grateful that I’ve partnered with Amazon and earned an opportunity for them to get my book out to the world.

But every now and then, I want to know the feeling of actually receiving my full value for something I created on my own.

My followers are growing everyday and more and more people are coming across my work on this platform. I’m so grateful that people take a few moments out of there day to hit one of my post and read my writings. Thank you so much for that.

One day, I want to sit in Oprah’s back yard under her trees and talk with her. My mother loved Oprah and I want to tell Oprah what she meant to my mother to her face. In order to do that, I have to sell many more copies and release many more books.

My gun is hella big and the clip drags around the block many times over. Meaning I got many more stories and experiences to share with all who will listen and read.

I’d like everyone who reads this post to send me your name and address to or hit the subscribe button below and shoot me your email there.

Then go to Cash App and search $YerrotMG and bless me with $10 and I’ll have a copy of my book sent out to you. My book also has a business card in it.

I’m looking for a agent who deals with Authors that can connect me with one of the major Publishing Companies so I can quit Doordashing and slinging peoples trash. I want to truly provide for my family the way they deserve it.

So when you read my book, if you think my style can have the type of influence and impact that can help others, give my card to someone who can change my life. In return, Ill keep producing and creating and giving my all to make this universe better.

Once again, I so appreciate every last one of you. Now go and get my

Oh yeah, my donations link is down below. You can click that as well and pay for a book too.

My Road To Damascus


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