The purpose of the questionnaire. Not mines, yours.  Goal setting is essential to a person’s success. It creates a focus that’s beyond the physical realm. Goal setting also stimulates your imagination. If you have a goal, one of the first things you think about is the feeling you will have once its accomplished.

Having a goal also starts the creative side of your brain to attract ideas. Many people have wishes and hopes but its not until you write your goals down and begin to initiate a plan that the ideas will come to you.

For instance, I can sit around all day thinking about concepts to create songs, but its not until I pick up my pen and pad or start a new song in my computer that the idea comes to life.

I think about a few words, then there’s a sentence. Then I add on to the sentence and think about something that could rhyme. Next thing I know, I have a whole verse.

The goal was to create a new song. I saw it in my mind by imagining what I could say. Then I got excited about the end result, put some action behind it, now there is a song.

No one saw all that but me. So from the outside looking in I created something out of nothing but the idea was giving to me, I made an effort to have something tangible and BOOM!! A song.

The creation of your book will be the same thing. It starts with an idea. Write that down. Next thing you know thoughts will soon follow and it will be like connecting the dots.

Back to the questionnaire, answering one of those questions will provoke an emotion from an experience you had that you’ve moved so far from, that you forgot it was even there.

Our minds are better than computers. They record everything from every experience you’ve ever had in life. However, sometimes you may forget a password to one of those files. That’s life. We move through it so quickly that we think we forget.

No its not forgotten. Time just separated us from the emotion of it. If it were good, remembering an experience will bring a certain element of joy.

If it were negative, pain could come up. Wherever the questions steers you on this trip down Memory Lane, record it. Whether it hits you days after you went through the questions or you felt it immediately.

Next thing you know, you have a chapter. It may not be the first or last chapter but its something that you can build on.

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