You’ve put your work in and created that thing. Whatever it is, your proud of it. It’s an accomplishment that brings emotions out of you that you didn’t know you had.

You’ve taken the steps to get whatever it is to the next level. That album, that book, that degree. Or you’ve trained your whole life in a sport or profession and you’ve crossed every “T” and dotted every “I”.

If it’s a service you provide you’ve promoted it on social media, maybe put out flyers, and made various phone calls letting people see your flag.

This is YOUR LIFE’S WORK!!!! When you lay down at night this is all you think about until you go to sleep. You vision the end result and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is your defining moment.

Your life will change for the better dramatically. However, you have this uneasiness that starts off small but over time, it grows and grows.

You begin to stress and have anxiety. Every now and then you hear small whispers of doubt that you at times, have no choice but to pay attention to.

For many, that doubt grows until its out of control and there consumed by it. Not you though. You have faith that at some point somebody will find or acknowledge you and get you that coveted opportunity you’ve been wanting your whole life.

Your in your purpose, and believed in your gift but this weird waiting game…… Man, it could be vicious. Day’s, months, or even years could have gone by and still, the results you’d be sure to come haven’t arrived yet. Stay on Faith Street.

Sometimes the wanting repels instead of attracts. You’re giving the universe strong signals of lack which could prolong the process. Understanding that sometimes patience is a key ingredient to the process can be the difference between a stress filled life or walking into that blessing sooner than you think.

Take some time to yourself. Find your breath. Know that the universe is setting things up for you to win. Then release it. Go about your life. It’s coming.

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