It’s taken a bit, but unraveling the limiting beliefs is a process in itself.

Depending on your upbringing it could be tough. I mean, if you were raised in a gang culture and one day you decide to go to college, who knows what resistance you can be met with.

Yes, that lifestyle is definitely challenging. Black and brown folks have been decimated by the choices of individuals who give there lives in exchange for blocks they don’t own, drugs, colors, and loyalty that’s only understood by the participants themselves.

So to be involved with that and want to change in another direction, peer pressure is the number one reason (in my opinion) that many stay involved until the end. That end being jail or death.

I could have used any other analogy to illustrate my point but I had to grab you in a way that makes you understand the gravity of what I’m about to explain.

When I bring up an interesting topic to my therapist he calmly tells me, “let’s unpack this”. I go into my issues and one by one we lay them on the table.

Dealing with limiting beliefs has a similar process. The influences by your environment. The influences by your family. Influences by the teachers at school and entertainers and athletes also influence us. Especially if those are the ones you look up to the most.

When you begin to question traditions, religious beliefs, or educational routes and start to buck the system if you will, the hinderance is the emotional impact of each separate subject.

If an individual came from a family of doctors and they were next in line to be in that profession, but in their heart they wanted to be a poet, they would sift through there whole being trying to justify why it is they feel led to that direction.

They could be thinking, my mom is a doctor. My dad is a doctor. This is what they want me to be. I have other family members who are doctors as well. The pressure of that can be an extremely stressful situation.

The individual can also believe that something is really wrong with them for being so different.

Mentally this could have been a challenge for some time and they haven’t even had the courage to utter the words “I want to be a poet” out loud to themselves, let alone sharing that with their families. Major unpacking has to be done.

We all have to come to a place where we want a particular life for ourselves but the tug of war of outside influences makes the transition difficult.

The challenges I’ve had the biggest problems with are the ones that had the most emotional impact. Just like the individual I’m describing above.

When your dealing with your subconscious mind, you’re dealing with the emotional motor of your being. From what I’ve learned, the most effective way to switch a belief in your subconscious mind is with repetition.

But that could be a problem within itself because your conscious mind sees everything as it is.

If your broke and trying to convince yourself you’re a millionaire with affirmations, you can have the vigor and confidence for a few days but if a bill unexpectedly hits your bank account and drags it to the negative, that literal and emotional blow can knock you off your focus. Trust me. I’ve been there.

It takes time to change limiting thoughts. This is why my life and many others who have aspirations of profound success fall more than fly.

Changing limiting beliefs are by no means impossible. Especially when you have the influences around you that cultivate the ideas of what you really want to be in life.

At first, I had the problem of simply knowing what I wanted. I’ve always been a scatterbrain if you will. So focusing on a single thing has always been a challenge.

Creating a plan that you stick by for better or worse is also difficult because life happens. If you don’t have an alternative route to get to your goals, setbacks can diminish any progress.

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