Today, I found out something that put things into perspective for me and I hope for you as well.

I’ve studied all the motivational speakers I love most. I see there financial success. I believe there spiritual and emotional success and have wondered what it was about them that brought them the success they have.

I’ve heard all there stories. Steve Harvey was homeless living in his car for 3 years. Les Brown was abandoned by his biological parents. Eric Thomas was homeless as well.

Napoleon Hill mentioned in “Outwitting the Devil”, that in the midst of a horrible challenge he had in life, he found what he called “his other self”.

Through the challenges of horrible life circumstances, Les Brown, Steve Harvey, and Eric Thomas all found there other selves as well.

In all actuality, it wasn’t there other selves. It was there true selves.

I can tell you from experience, that adversity pushes you in the direction of who you truly are. It’s uncomfortable and at times extremely painful but that’s why it’s so beautiful.

Your pushed and pulled in so many directions because of life that you literally forget who you are. It takes divine planning to bring you back to yourself. That in itself is a blessing.

Today, when I was listening to certain speakers, dreams and imaginations were the topics.

If you think back on your own life, everything you accomplished started as a thought. That thought enhanced your imagination and when you saw yourself doing a thing in your imagination, it made you believe you could do it in your reality, so you did.

The coldest part of that is, even if you failed to do something you imagined doing, with the experience you gained, you later learned.

Dreams. When you sleep at night, do you truly understand that whatever you accomplish in your dream state can be performed in your reality?

Some folks dream of literally flying. Now because gravity is a law, its hard for a person to fly in a conscious state (while there awake). So I won’t touch on that.

But what I will share of what I discovered today is, the person whom I’ve wanted to be the most my whole life, was the one I dreamed about when I laid down every night.

The fear of failure has no parts of my dream world. I’m completely courageous and brave. In my dream world I’m always sure of myself. I make decisions quickly. Whatever I think about doing in my dreams, I don’t even give it a second thought. I just do it. I’m a great rapper in my dreams without writing anything down. I’m a great, great fighter in my dreams.

I have all the answers in my dreams. I can have any experience I desire in my dreams.

But the most important thing of it all, was what I first mentioned of my dreams. I don’t have a fear of failure.

When I realized that whatever I dream, I can actually have in my present state, I realized that I found my other self. My true self.

This is why dreams are so important for EVERYBODY!!! There the blessings, signals and confirmations from your higher self, God, universe, or what ever you look to outside but most preferably, inside yourself as your source of spiritual power. You are limitless.

If you CAN’T fear in your dreams, your not supposed to fear in life. The person you truly want to be is the one in your dream world. It’s time to reveal him or her on this plain. Your other self. Your true self.


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