I told you RELAX….YOU GOT THIS!!

How was week one? Anything get pulled up that shocked you? Any A HA moments? Any laughs? Any crying? Learn anything about yourself, or what I should say, is RElearn or remember something that time separated you from?

If the answer was yes to any of those questions, we’re on the right track and most importantly, YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!!

The next few days, I’d like for you to simply reflect on what you’ve been able to transfer from your being to paper or devices.

I’d like for you to have at least one section of your day to take 5-10 minutes to sit and breathe……. Well, I could use the M word but some folks who don’t know the wonders of said thing may not be into that. Which is cool. You gon learn.

Breathing and being still gets you present. Just think, you have 24 hours in a day. For the most part, because your life can be such a constant ball of movement, many rarely sit and just calm there minds down for a bit.

Being present is not just good for this project, but it’s something you should consider to be a regular practice in your life. It’s an immediate stress reliever. A wonderful tool. It also gets you in the energy of receiving.

A wise person once said, “you pray to ask, and meditate to receive”. My bad, I used the M word…….. Toughen up G. We’re goin in for the long haul.

Once again, I thank and appreciate your participation. Peace and Love.


Bless Thee MC

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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