Its so delicate. My God the beauty. The last time it was handled it wasn’t appreciated so it almost withered away to death.

I felt so guilty. My mishandling…… I couldn’t believe that I just didn’t know. So I blame it on ignorance although that’s not a tangible conclusion.

It’s better for me to say MY IGNORANCE. I would rather take all the blame and accountability as I see life, then to place it on a word that only has life when its breathed.

I see more than hope. I see this entity flourishing whether it recovered through my efforts or its own. I really just want it to be well.

Not to front, maybe, just maybe, being that I’ve learned to be better with the handling of such a delicate flower, when the sun shines on it, maybe, just maybe, it will stretch in my direction.

I never knew the life it could be for me until after I neglected it’s purpose. Now, all I want to do is put my soul into its existence.

The realest and most powerful thing I have is my soul. It’s only purpose is to love. It’s at the service of the target. I heard someone once say your mind has control of your heart when its supposed to be the other way around.

The heart is supposed to have control of your mind. The soul is supposed to lead the mind. That’s how we lead with love.

It’s a shame we don’t learn this until later in life. How many others have mishandled delicate possessions, later to find it was that delicate possession that provided them a life source?

I hope they’re blessed to be in my position where they see more than hope.

Posted by:wetdirttheemc

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