I believe artist are commissioned and anointed before they get here. Artists have an insatiable zeal and a limitless imagination for life but are constantly up against obstacles and mental challenges that are hard to be comprehended by the average person.

Now to be clear, everyone has some sort of artistry to them. Everyone here on this planet is a creator of some type. However, there is a special type of people who are here to contribute to the true consciousness of the collective.

What is the collective? Human beings as a whole. Warren Buffett can definitely inspire people to attain wealth, but someone like Stevie Wonder can actually use his art to bring people together and raise a love frequency.

Stevie Wonder at some point probably inspired Warren Buffett during a time in his life with his music.

Artists see things different. They care on a whole other level for fellow human beings. This is why they create as they do.

When you listen to Tupac, most of his music revolves around pain. He saw the condition of his people and wanted better for them. He was heartbroken knowing that the average black individual would never reach the level he was on as an artist.

He was definitely proud of himself for making it out of his circumstances and getting the money, cars, and access to opportunities he was blessed with, but always remembered that everyone couldn’t go with him.

Although he had love for people who lived a lifestyle that was frowned upon by this society, he wished they could do better for themselves. He wished pimps didn’t have to pimp. He hated that street pharmacist had to sell drugs.

Overall, before Tupac left this world, he understood that his contribution to human beings through his words and music would live well after he was gone. I believe this is why he spoke of death so much and pretty much welcomed it.

He had work, he completed that work, and although his end was tragic I do believe there was a level of peace his soul attained before his exit.

Many artists aren’t that fortunate. Many just don’t reach a Tupac level simply because there’s only so much room when sharks have to swim in a lake.

Writers, musicians, rappers, dancers, people who literally have the gift to draw and duplicate images in their minds for the world to see on canvases are not always afforded the opportunities to have there art seen by the masses.

The true artists who have real things to say are not always welcomed with open arms. They may speak on things that are hard to be accepted.

When the masses of people and consciousness are moving in one direction that’s comfortable while at the same time toxic, the artists who go against the flow is often vilified, seen as an outcast, and is unpopular to those who are “following suit”.

In the words of Lenard McKelvey, “no one wants the truth when the lie is more entertaining”.

This type of thing puts the artist in a position of peril. The true hope of every artist is to use what they create to make a life for themselves. They believe in business. They believe in supply and demand. They believe in providing a service.

They believe in energy exchange. Their ultimate dream is to use there energy to create whatever it is they create, and in return earn the energy of financial compensation.

They see how the world works in this manner. You don’t go to a restaurant, eat a full meal, and simply walk out without paying.

Artists understand that they possess something that’s not common to everyone and at the same time has a different value to everyone.

A conscious rapper may take his music to a place where the party may be a casual and fun experience and try to sell it for $5. He knows that it may not be the best place to display his art, but if he was asked to perform at a political rally, he may ask for $10-15 because that audience may put more value on his content.

The worst case scenario is that he gets nothing from either audience. What even makes it worse than that is the praise he gets for his artistry while failing to receive the energy he may be entitled to in return.

This doesn’t just apply to rappers and MC’s. Any individual who has something to say or contribute that can be a help to humankind as a whole face this.

Because we live in a world that revolves around money with various ways to make it, the artist understands that yes, he possess something valuable but after a period of time when life hits and his art doesn’t bring him a desired success, they’re faced with a choice that many people fail to fully understand.

Every artist knows life isn’t free. There willing to work like everyone else. Most have “jobs” to support their lives but all struggle to find there true place in this realm of existence.

They have a problem fitting in when they realize how the corporate world works. It’s even worse when they understand that they are just a number or quota that has to be filled to provide wealth for the ones in control, but merely a wage for themselves.

This is why many artist go from job to job unhappy in life because they have more to give to it, and its in conflict to the abilities they understand they have. They just want opportunities and compensation that are fair to their purposes.

This leads to severe mental health issues. They see themselves willing to be of service for the greater good but there current life circumstances don’t mirror that back.

Many artist are depressed because they feel stuck, underappreciated, and misunderstood. They don’t think like everyone else. They know their at the mercy of a system that minimizes their wellbeing.

Money isn’t a cure all. We see well established financially secure artists battling mental health and substance abuse all the time, and those are the ones “that made it”. But what about the ones that don’t.

What if the lack of money leads to mental health battles and substance abuse? Or what if the money they earn from a “job” doesn’t satisfy there life because the job takes time away from producing the art they have to give which truly is there life source.

The average person can never see this type of dichotomy. Most people just accept life as it is, but at the same time wanting for themselves the opportunity to pursue a dream of their own. Having to shelve that because of their life circumstance isn’t good either.

Fortunately for them, or maybe it’s a misfortune depending on how you look at it, they can just move on from it. Artist cant. They grow increasingly unhappy and unstable. They see there goal as possible but live a life that feels impossible to attain there goals.

No artist wants something for nothing. Not even pity. They just want opportunity and a way to share what’s within before there time is up here. Finances are supposed to come with that like any other profession.

Unfortunately the frequency on earth can be so low that the masses may not be able to understand this type of thing. Hopefully there can come a time when a system can be put in place where the arts can be viewed just as significant as corporate.

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