I’m a Author and Freelance Writer. I have a unique gift to translate what I see and feel into words and opinions. My insight can be uplifting, encouraging, humorous, correct and dead wrong. I share better than I can teach. Sharing actually has more value because it comes from experience. I just came from hell. You can still smell the smoke on my clothes but because I made it, I can show you how I got there so you don’t have to go yourself.

I bring value with my experiences. You can consume everything I share or simply find the things that fit your situation and leave the rest. I want folks in the Hip-Hop community to heal. I want us to be mentally correct so we can guide those who are coming behind us more effectively.

I want us to be great fathers, brothers, and friends. I want us to cherish our women. I bring life from a black perspective but all who are about love and peace can tag along for the ride.

Hip-Hop is so beautiful and diverse. We know how to make something out of nothing. We can make money and create opportunities for each other but for the most part we neglect our mental well-being. We seem to not have time for it. We say it’s too expensive to seek therapy for our childhood traumas but seem to have enough money for weed, Hennessey, cars and strip clubs.

It’s easier to find faults in everything and everybody but never have the time to meditate. We complain about our jobs but don’t pursue our gifts. I will be providing content, and areas of expertise to show another healthy way to get mentally right.

I have a purpose that I’ve tied to my gift and a goal I’ve set to help myself and others attain the life they deserve.

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