Torrey Jones AKA Wet.DirtThee MC

With my 50th year of existence on earth being around 6 months away, I feel its only right to work from today, backwards.

I’m the father of two beautiful boys soon to be 5 and 12 respectively. I’m a writer, author, music producer, lyricist, beat maker, poet, and spiritual influencer.

I’ve been married. Well, technically still am. Separated but divorce is imminent. I’ve been in the rat race for years and years trading my time to receive pennies on the dollar while simultaneously creating wealth for individuals who could care less about my overall wellbeing.

I do have experience as an entrepreneur. I built a lawn service from the ground up. Walking the neighborhoods passing out flyers, answering phone calls to set up appointments, and providing the service of whatever the customer was in need of to make there yards look good.

I did that for 5 years. I loved it but felt that there was something else to accomplish. What’s funny is its taken me about 2 in a half years to figure that “something else” out and I’ve been challenged financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in the interim.

My entire life has been about freedom and creativity. I’m finally in a position to fully experience both. I need partners and collaborators more than bosses and supervisors.

I’ve produced albums in the hip-hop genre of music. I’ve recently released a book based on my life experiences that centers around mental health and personal development.

I love hard core rap music, I’m a diehard boxing fan, a visual content creator, who’s real strength is actually in his pen. I believe in helping people in general be the best they can be while at the same time helping myself.

I’ve been through an awful lot of ups and downs in life. Its time I got off the rollercoaster and simply use my gift of writing to partner with those who are focused on making a difference for the positive wellbeing of human beings all over the world.

I’m right here. Let’s work and do something great.

Torrey Jones.

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